Specialising in High-resolution Construction Monitoring and Time-lapse
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Why use Time-lapse and Live Monitoring ?

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Be ahead of the game in a rapidly evolving industry

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Monitor projects in high-resolution to boost site efficiency

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Utilise new technology to improve your existing processes

Document your project in a unique and effective way


How Does It Work?

We install high resolution, solar powered cameras overlooking your work site


Images are captured and uploaded live to our online image viewer for real time cloud access

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Upon completion, we produce a cinematic 4K time-lapse video to showcase your project

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Monitor in Real Time

Monitor your projects in real time, on any device thanks to Timescapes dedicated Online Image Viewer


Access to the entire catalogue of imagery taken throughout the project

Download full resolution images for project updates, marketing or public communication

Get real time information and use the live time-lapse playback to follow your progress 


What are the Benefits?

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•  Monitor in real time

•  Optimise decisions

•  Manage contractors

•  Reduce site visits

•  Minimise risk

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Marketing + PR

•  Showcase your projects

•  Engage with the public

•  Market your company

•  Grow project profiles

•  Report internally

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•  Live site awareness

•  Optimise inspections

•  Report progress rapidly

•  Improve site safety

•  Minimise costs

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Record Keeping

•  Document projects

•  Ensure accountability

•  Provide detailed records

• Demonstrate compliance

•  Monitor best practices


Feature Project


NZTA approached Timescapes to capture Rotorua's Hemo Road Intersection Improvements. This involved the installation of a 24MP solar powered camera to document the project at 15 minute intervals. Below is the completed time-lapse production


"From our initial conversation to the installation and monthly video updates, it has all been seamless. The quality is amazing – providing a clear and vibrant picture, and their attention to detail and service is fantastic."

- Kylie Ruegg, Communications Manager NZTA BOP


Our Cameras


We use exciting new technology coupled with professional DSLR cameras, lenses and filters

The result? An effective and reliable system


 Solar or mains power supply options

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3/4G, ethernet or satellite connection

Durable, secure and weatherproof


We work closely with a range of clients to deliver on key projects

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Client Logos 1.jpg

Get in touch to discuss how we can add value to your project!

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